Content rules @ Broker/Dealer

The content found on our pages can be classified into six categories. All content is subject to editing or omission according to two categories of rules. There is one common set of rules and a second 'type-specific' set of rules. Some type-specific rules may supersede the common set of rules.

Common rules

Broker/Dealer aims to be a platform where the financial industry gathers for finding industry news and sharing industry knowledge. Mutual respect for one another’s business interests, concerns, opinions and expertise is central to the manner in which we wish to operate. We believe that if you conduct yourself according to this principle you will find there is more that binds than divides.

We believe that by respectfully vocalizing opinions as well as listening to others, the industry can find common ground, build a better business and regain the respect it deserves, but lost in today’s society. The editors will screen all articles to ensure that they are written in a respectful tone showing the highest regard for the audience.

It is entirely acceptable that articles contain critical content as long as it is not the sole intent to be hurtful towards others or defame someone’s reputation.

Editorial articles

These are articles written by the regular contributors of Broker/Dealer. Mostly these will be posts referring to another article. If so, these articles will list their sources and refer to the original site. The text of that article will be summarized and not posted verbatim. Opinions posted are exclusively owned by the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the other contributors.

Contributing sponsors

These are articles written by companies that are patrons of the site. They are free to post articles expressing their views on industry developments. These developments express the view of the company or the author.

All articles should be written with a goal to improve the general knowledge of the readers and are not intended to specifically promote a business or service. If the article follows this guideline, the articles are deemed by the editors as ‘general content’.

In addition, sponsors are allowed to post one article each month to specifically address their products or services (advertorial). These articles are clearly marked by the quote ‘sponsored content provided by <name of company>’ in the top right corner of the posting.

Contributing writers

These are articles written by individuals. They may be employed somewhere, but generally speaking the content or topic is not associated with their employer or reflect the views of the employer. For contributing writers, the common rules apply as well as the rules for editorial articles. In addition, the article will be clearly marked ‘guest author’.


We organize our own events and list external events. These can be physical or online. We do not hold any responsibility for the content of the external events.

Study content

We aim to link as many academic articles as we can. We will summarize the content to the best of our (limited) knowledge but please read the full article to determine the findings of a study. We’re only human. We will only post studies that are freely available and can be found online.

Twitter links & responses to articles

We use Twitter to promote our site and use it to reply in twitter conversations. These responses may appear on our site. Twitter by nature is a short and usually pointed conversation, usually void of the nuances we prefer. We therefore are ‘softer’ on applying the general rules for content when Twitter is concerned. We reserve the right to delete tweets if we deem them inappropriate to the discussion.

We encourage people to respond to articles, but bear in mind that the general rules will be strictly applied. No anonymous postings, be respectful, nuanced and remain on-topic. Responses to articles will be permitted up to two weeks after posting. It is our experience that extending this time frame tends to steer the conversation off-topic.


Sponsors and patrons have selected our site to place their logo because they wish to be associated with something on our site. It could be an article, an event or because they support the work we do. Opinions posted on the site do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our sponsors and patrons. They cannot be held responsible for any content other than their own.