Introducing Meet/Market

As a result of being in this market for a very, very long time, we're pretty 'networked in'. Part of our regular routine has been to connecting people and companies for jobs, projects, business opportunities, interim gigs and so on. It's usually well appreciated.

It made us wonder if it's possible to tie it in with the site and slowly bring the process into the 21st century. 

The first step will be extremely 'low tech'. That means we are taking inventory of interim professionals we know and trust. They are open for business on a project or interim basis. We'll provide an abstract of their qualifications and make them easily searchable by providing tags of their qualifications.  

Below you can click through the tags to make your selection or click on the categories. Interested in getting to know one of these people or interested in being on the list? Drop us a line @ or call +31 35 6289326. For those who would like to upload a profile, you can also fill in this form.

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