All-round Trading IT consultant

Experience & Background:

20 years of international experience in IT and  over 10 years in Finance. An all-round professional who can manage projects, and products achieving goals and providing an edge. Not only can I run the processes and products, I am up-to date on infrastructure and software products so I can provide that all important bridge between IT and what you want to achieve as a business. I come in when both business and technology expertise need to be combined.


Successful track record, ability to define, design and implement electronic trading systems. Team player that provides the overall view and excels in identifying the key details that make the day. Does not shy away to get hands on with technology if the situation requires this.


Available Part time

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Business Developer

Experience & Background:

I have over 20 years of experience in the Financial Industry (eight years in the USA) with a focus on building organizations. I have worked closely with senior leaders to help create and execute the vision for the company and led and managed departments from Finance, HR, Compliance and Legal with up to 80 people reporting to me. My skill sets lie in team building, change management, communication, project management and business development.


Successful track record, ability to develop and enhance the organizations full potential, goal driven, entrepreneurial and a can do mentality.



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The Man with the Plan

Executive managers of a company should ask themselves a very simple question; How much time do I spend managing my firm and how much time do I spend leading my firm? There are three possible answers:

  1. I spend most of my time managing
  2. I spend most of my time leading
  3. Is there a difference between these two terms?

For those who would tick of box 3, a quick explanation. Managing a firm is basically taking care of the day-to-day operations. The hiring and firing, the troubleshooting and deal making, the sort of stuff you need to do to bring the company towards tomorrow or next week. Leading a firm is something completely different. It's all about ideating and developing the strategic long-term goals of the company, it's surveying the market and tapping into trends and opportunities. It's the sort of stuff many of you wished they had more time for about 3 or 4 years ago so they'd be better positioned today.

If you ticked off box 1, you need to make some changes. In order for your business to thrive in the future as well you need to become a leader. As simple as that sounds, it's not a simple process and that's where I come in; the Man with the Plan.

Perhaps you're stuck managing the day to day operations because your structure is sub optimal. I can step in as your change manager to restructure your unit, giving you the opportunity to start leading. Or perhaps your stuck because you're short on ideas, no longer able to see the next opportunity or the way to get there. I can step in as your innovator, laying the groundwork for your next step forward.

I have ample experience building successful new businesses for banks, brokerages and trading firms. I am a creative thinker that sees opportunities where others see problems and a manager that can create structure out of chaos.

Get in touch and we'll discuss your challenges over a cup of coffee to see how I could fit in to help.

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IT Project Manager

Experience & Background:

I have over 20 years of experience in the financial industry as a project manager and business consultant operating at an executive and operational level. Interested parties can call on me to manage the implementation of a new system or service, develop a new unit or be a troubleshooter if implementation is not going the way it was hoped.


My expertise lies mostly with trading systems, exchange connectivity and other dealing room implementations. My major asset is that I have a thorough understanding of different aspects of the business. It enables me to see things from various perspectives.


I have been independent and entrepreneurial for most of my career and prefer to stay this way. So, temporary assignments are preferred.