FIA's Mark Spanbroek pens article on MIFID II

It's Boca Raton week this week, the annual Florida outing for executives in the financial industry. So, plenty of industry news to report. 

Next week, it's the annual FOW Amsterdam in the Hilton. A usual guest speaker there is Mark Spanbroek. After a big career at Getco, Mark now represents the interests of Trading Firms as Vice Chairman of the FIA European Principal Traders Association. In this capacity, Mark wrote an article venting concern about upcoming Mifid II regulation. In short, only a colloquial Dutch phrase sums it up: "Bezint eer gij begint". Or, if we have to make an effort to sum it up, Mark states that we should really consider what we're doing right now in order for us not to regret these decisions in a couple of years from now.

It's a good read and will provide plenty of discussion points for next weeks FOW. Click here for the full article.