Is Bitcoin the Myspace of currency?

Being first to market, is not all what it's cracked up to be. Yahoo search was out there way before Google, Myspace explored senseless blabber way before Facebook and Blackberry was making phones smart before other made them even smarter and more functional.

 Found an interesting slideshow from a tech angel investor underlining this point:


In that perspective it is interesting to look at Bitcoin. Hyped, feared, misunderstood and abused but all in all, a potential game changer. 

Question though is, will it change the game and become  the world's new currency, or will it simply pave the way for a model that is better. David Mazieres, a Stanford professor definetely seems to think so. He has developed a new digital currency that relies less on 'mining', is more secure and processes the transactions faster. Read the full article (also a link to the white paper) here .