Join Inside ETFs Europe on June 8

From Monday 8 june till Wednesday 10 June a large ETF conference is held at the Okura in Amsterdam.

More than 500 industry professionals will gather to learn more about ETF's and have in-depth discussions on latest trends in the ETF market at the 6th annual Inside ETF's Europe.

We will cover the event at and summarize the proceedings but do consider joining the event yourself. It looks to be a great event.

The event will kick off on Monday with some ETF basics such as understanding what ETF's are, how to trade them and how to choose the best ETF's for different asset classes. In the afternoon, focus will shift towards Smart Beta ETF's, Fixed Income ETF's, commodity ETF's and currency ETF's. The session is closed with a keynote adress by Professor Jeremy Siegel providing his outlook on Global equity markets and interest rates and a coctail drink session.

On Tuesday the session proceeds with keynote addresses on how ETF's are changing the investment world, a macro economic discussion on finding investment opportunities and the future of ETF's. During the lunch a Q&A session with Dutch football legend Ruud Gullit is held. In the afternoon 6 'track-sessions' will be held with panels consisting of different industry professionals detailing the usage of ETF's for different markets and purposes. After the closing keynote of former White House advisor Pippa Malmgren, a reception is held at the famous van Gogh Museum.

On Wednesday, the conference is closed with a recap, a panel discussion on platforms and Smart Beta, a live trading demonstration on finding liquidity and regulation topics. The final word for the conference is given to Nick Leeson, perhaps one of the most famous 'trader turned big house resident' ever. Leeson now gives speeches on risk and corporate responsibilty using his vast practical experience in that area.

All in all a very worth-while conference to learn about one of the fastest growing sections of our industry and a great place to meet interesting industry peers.

Check out the conference website for more information and registration.