HFT don't spoof markets, people spoof markets

A debate on HFT was held at the CFA Institute conference in Frankfurt in April. Panelist included Haim Bodek, in the Netherlands best known for his contributions to VPRO's Tegenlicht documentary on HFT and James Freiss, former white collar crime fighter at the US Treasury.

While the opinions on the matter differed, there were a number of things the panelist could agree on.  

First, it is important to understand that HFT in itself is not a strategy, it is a technology. It is nothing more than a tool. HFT as a tool can add liquidity to the markets but it can also be used to for illegal or unethical activities. So, just like with any other tool, it is a question of how to regulate and monitor the people operating the tool and not just condemn the tool itself.

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