More parties chiming in on TOM vs deGiro

Way back in december 2014, online broker DeGiro issued a paper debunking a claim from competitor Binck that it is better to use TOM's platform for order execution on TOM/Euronext due to the best execution mechanism above executing directly on Euronext.

The paper got quite the media attention in papers, television and financial market blog Amsterdam Trader. And, of course there were the obligatory threats of bringing the suits in. Meanwhile things still did not die down, despite the fact that TOM closed down the stock market section of the TOM MTF as it was not gaining enough market share anyway.

In May, Dutch broadcaster VPRO rekindled the discussion in their ARGOS broadcast. For their research they contacted Alexandre Laumonier, author on HFT and active blogger on the site 'sniperinmahwah', who in response also wrote an article on it today, which in turn is getting a response from TOM itself. 

And so the saga continues. Famous soccer coach Louis van Gaal would probably say: 'it must be getting cucumber time' and nobody who's not Dutch would understand him. (it means that as there is nothing really newsworthy to report, media turns to older stories or human interest stories)