More delays for MIFID II on the horizon?

The delay of the implementation of MIFID II has already been widely anticipated and an offcial announcement is expected soon. New though is that the regulators already signal that a year might not be enough if the EU does not sign off soon on the technical standards. 

Stephen Maijoor, the influential ESMA chair stated in an interview with Reuters that, apart from being optimistic about 'a' delay, also raises the point that whatever is being decided might not be enough if the EU council acts fast in signing off on the technical standards.

For now we can assume he is just applying public pressure to make sure the standards get implemented. But the should also start to wonder if more delays are actually something that the industry really wants or needs. By now the implications are known (regardless of all the good and bad) and in theory, the time frame should be workable once the standards have been established. More delays would just bring in extra costs and hinder business development, Read the full article here ,