Seaborn introduces Seaspeed for HFT between NY & Sao Paulo

In June 2017 a new fiber optic subsea cable will be launched between New York/New Jersey and Sao Paulo in Brazil. It will be the first point-to-point cable between these two cities improving latency and network reliability.

Seaborn Networks is the developer, owner and operator of the connection, called Seabras-1 and will also be the exclusive seller. This is a relative unique structure in the submarine cable industry where consortiums usually develop and operate the infra-structure and have several intermediary telecom companies resell the service. By keeping everything within a single operation, Seaborn aims to improve the service in the fields of circuit implementation, SLA's and client communication.

The bulk of the Seabras-1 connection will be used by media and tech companies. Microsoft for instance signed on for their cloud services in Latin America.

Seabras-1 was already expected to offer improved latency over the multi-point solutions that currently exist on this route,” said Paul Creelman, Business Development Director & Head of Low Latency Sales. “However, SeaSpeed is an enhanced, proprietary end-to-end solution that offers the fastest path.

The service however, and the planned branching units to Miami, Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town in South Africa, is also extremely interesting for the financial industry and of course our HFT friends in particular. For this, Seaborn launched SeaSpeed, their lowest latency solution between Carteret NJ and Sao Paulo. SeaSpeed will only be available directly via Seaborn.

Read the full press release here.