No more Amsterdamtrader

For the Amsterdam trading community Jack,  aka AmsterdamTrader,  was a household name.  It was the go to page for inside stories. But now Amsterdamtrader has decided to call it quits. Read about it here and here.

It's certainly a shame and at the same time it's understandable. The financial community in Amsterdam has become a lot smaller. There are less stories to write about, without getting involved in situations with conflict of interest says Maarten Mosselman , the real person behind Jack.

At the same time there is enough to write about. The next 2 to 3 year will be pivotal with new regulation, new players, better technology and new people. Brokerdealer will certainly continue to write about trading and everything that goes with it. But, filling in the gap Amsterdamtrader left behind, is not something we see ourselves doing. Simply because Amsterdamtrader was unique.

Godspeed to Maarten!