The lone wolf dies but the pack survives


Todays Vermogensbeheer, Mijn Effecten and Fountain Capital Advisory are merging into a yet unnamed entity and are open to enlarging their new pack with likeminded firms.

The owners of these firms are some well-known people in the Dutch finance community. In size they are relatively small with roughly 250 million in AUM combined but they hope that by joining forces they can further expend and enhance their operations. As a combination, the new entity will offer brokerage services, asset management services and high-advisory on sustainable investments.

Mijn Effecten is run by Marcel Rietveld and Frank Ammerlaan, Todays by Cees Smit and Fountain Capital by Frits Vogel, all with 20+ years of experience in the sector.

The merger is driven by the idea that the post-MIFID asset management sector requires economies of scale to operate efficiently and effectively. The merged companies hope to remain a niche player serving their individual customers while sharing their cost structure. As mentioned, a new name has not been given to the entity yet and no word either on their location. Currently the companies operate out of the -dare we say- greater Amsterdam area of Purmerend and Hilversum. As a name, may we suggest Stark Assets?

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