Management coach

As a management coach, I draw from my experience in corporate life. My business experience consists of holding several executive positions all over the world in marketing and communications.

Leaving that corporate life behind me, I have transformed myself into a certified management and life coach for managers, executives, individuals and expats. I believe that a person who has been knee-deep in the daily running of business, combined with an extensive training in coaching can be of added value to any individual or company.

I take a 'common sense' approach to coaching, keep things grounded and humorous and help find the root of the problem. My focus areas are:

- Inspired leadership
- Growth from manager to executive and to senior executive
- Work successfully in different cultures and organizations
- Drive change in tough environments
- Strategy development
- Overcome personality related issues
- Build energy, motivation and self-confidence
- Deal with stress, setbacks, change and success
- Be an effective and appreciated team player
- Work successfully with senior executives at the very top
- Discover talents, opportunities and jobs
- Strengthen authenticity

Sessions can be held at the offices or from several (international) locations from which I work.

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