Seaborn taps Spread

Last year we reported about Seaborn's project to build a new Fiber route from the US to Sao Paulo called Seabras-1. The project is happily progressing. The Seabras-1 is expected to go live for financial services in July 2017.

Seaborn just announced that they will partner with Spread Networks as their channel partner for financial services. This will be done using a separate brand name Seaspeed™. Those who have been around for longer will remember Spread Networks from their fast fiber route from NY to Chicago. That route was featured in the book Flash boys.

Spread Networks has an extensive list of contacts and is also expected to bring extensive commercial experience to the table.

This strategy is likely to target the consumers of large bandwidth, ultra low latency links. The question we have is which providers will step in and use this route to provide solutions to the smaller shops with smaller requirements.

The press release can be found here.